Notice to Candidates for the 2024 International Student Recruitment Examination of The School of Finance

Notice to Candidates for the 2024 International Student Recruitment Examination of The School of Finance

According to the unified deployment and requirements for the enrollment of international students in 2024, our college conducted the enrollment of international students through online remote mode on March 14.

Candidates who apply for admission of international students in our college should make preparations in advance:

I. Online Platform

The network remote assessment platform of School of Finance is ‘Tencent Conference’. Please refer to Attachment 1 for specific operation procedures.

II. Network Remote Assessment Required Equipment and Network Environment

(1) Assessment equipment: The network remote assessment adopts video mode. Candidates need to prepare an electronic device and choose a fixed position for shooting, using a mobile phone or computer.

1. Machine position requirements. The electronic device is used to interact with experts during the interview. The examinee is facing the camera and sitting upright, with his or her face, upper body and hands clearly visible.

(2) Network environment

Candidates use 4G/5G mobile phone data or a stable WIFI network to complete the exam. If using WIFI, please pay attention to the speed of the network, so as to avoid the network instability caused by too many people sharing a WIFI router.

(3) Assessment environment

The assessment environment is relatively independent and free from interference, and no other people shall be present during the assessment; The examination environment is well lit to ensure that experts can clearly see candidates; There shall be no examination related materials within the visual range; They are not allowed to take the exam for others, and they are not allowed to accept any assistance from others or institutions. Do not use virtual backgrounds or change video backgrounds.

III. Supplies Required by Candidates

(1) Passport
(2) Black marker pen and blank A4 paper 

IV. Matters Need Attention

(1) Candidates must consciously obey the unified arrangement of the College and attend the examination according to the specified time. Please contact the college in advance if you have any difficulty in participating in the online remote assessment. Candidates who are unable to complete the examination due to loss of contact without reason will be regarded as abandoning the examination automatically.

(2) The examination for international students is a part of the national examination for graduate students, and the examination content belongs to the state secret level. No sound, video or screen recording is allowed during the assessment, and no disclosure or announcement of relevant information is allowed.

(3) Candidates should attend the examination strictly according to the time required by the College. During the waiting period, candidates should consciously accept examination and management by the examination staff and follow the instructions of the examination.

(4) Be sure to keep the device fully charged before the exam, and it is better to keep charging during the exam to avoid the impact of low battery; Keep the network smooth to avoid network problems affecting the exam.

(5) During the test, candidates should keep their eyes on the camera, and do not leave the field during the test; Do not hold a mobile phone during the test; Do not use bluetooth earphones or external earphones; Do not answer phone calls; Do not change voice or portrait in any way; Do not block the face, ears and other parts; Do not wear earrings, hats, sunglasses, masks, etc. Do not use virtual background or change video background; Do not access data or receive other information in any way.

(6) Candidates who withdraw from the test due to misoperation or other reasons should return to the test process as soon as possible. The countdown will not be suspended because of withdrawal. In case of poor communication effect or interruption caused by network or signal, the staff of the college should be contacted immediately.

School of Finance March,2024

Attachment 1 Tencent Conference Platform Instructions

I. Computer client and mobile phone client

(1) Download Tencent conference (if downloaded before, must be updated to the latest version)

(2) Register Tencent conference (real-name system required)

(3) Log in to Tencent Conference

(4) Join a conference: Enter the conference ID sent by the college, and enter the name with real name