The School of Finance held its spring work conference

On March 7th, the School of Finance held its spring work conference in Room 313 of the South Wenquan Building, conveying the spirit of the school's spring work conference, summarizing the work of the School of Finance in 2023, and deploying the various tasks for the school in 2024. All faculty and staff of the school attended the meeting, which was chaired by Vice Secretary Xiang Min of the School Party Committee.

Secretary Wang Ping first conveyed the spirit of the school's spring work conference held on February 24th. The spirit of the conference emphasized that the overall guiding ideology for the new year's work at the school is to strengthen the overall leadership of the Party, implement the Party's line, principles, and policies, adhere to the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability, firmly grasp the fundamental task of cultivating virtue and nurturing talents, coordinate and plan various tasks systematically, balance the dual integration and dynamic equilibrium of one fusion and dual excellence, promote the implementation of the two firsts, coordinate the construction of world-class universities and disciplines, and promote high-quality development and high-level safety, in order to better serve the goal of building an educationally strong nation and achieving Chinese-style modernization through the high-quality development of the school.

 Dean Yu Minggui summarized the School's work in 2023 in various aspects such as Party building leadership, talent cultivation, faculty team, scientific research, cultural inheritance, social cooperation, and international exchange. He highly praised the achievements and efforts of the faculty and students in 2023. At the same time, he pointed out the opportunities and challenges facing the School and proposed the work ideas and prospects for the School in 2024. He called on all faculty and students to seize the key year of achieving the goals of the 14th Five-Year Plan and create a new situation in the construction of a first-class discipline in finance.


The leaders in charge of various departments of the school emphasized the key tasks for this semester, in accordance with the spirit of the school's spring work conference and considering the actual situation.